Saturday, October 29, 2011


Fairy is such a great word. It has so many meanings I can’t begin to talk about. My experience with fairies is so very simple. One day I came home and some wonderful home cooked food mysteriously was in my frig. Now that made me wonder. I really didn’t think I was old enough to be senile yet. Where did it come from? I talked to my friend Fran and we decided it was a food fairy. A few days later my sweet Daughter in law showed up with some delicious home cooked food. I asked her if she was the one that put the food in my frig and she said no. Hmmmmm now it’s getting interesting. Just where is this coming from?. Finally my youngest daughter came to visit and asked me if I liked the great food she had left for me. Well I guess I am not senile yet. What a nice thing to do for her Mom. The food just keeps coming and you can call it leftovers if you want, but I call it delish. The other day my oldest Daughter was making quiche and being me, I said I love quiche. Well guess what showed up at my house? Yep and it was so awesome. All my kids spoil me and I love it. So now you know about FOOD FAIRIES.

New fairies have arrived. I call them GOOD NEIGHBOR FAIRIES. When I got back from the store the other day a team of people ( kids, mom, dad and all) raking my yard. WOW WHAT A SIGHT TO SEE. All of them were working hard to get all my leaves and those heavy walnuts to the road for leaf pick up next week. I had to take many deep breaths so I didn’t just burst into tears, but I made it. As I looked around one young 16 year old boy I couldn’t quite place was working very hard and I walked up to him and asked why he was raking my leaves. He said I knew you wouldn’t remember me. I did remember him. He used to live next door to me for a short time a few years ago. He said he could not stand to see me have to rake all those heavy nuts and leaves so he came over to do it for me. Thank you so much Corey you are a wonderful person. I hope he is not rare but I think you don’t see this kindness in such a young person very often. I also need to mention MY FRIEND J.J. was busy emptying the old flower pots and was raking some also. He is quite the helper and a good apple eater too.

Last week another fairy arrived. THE GARBAGE CAN FAIRIES. Went to the store and noticed I had not taken in the garbage cans from the day before. “I’ll get them when I get back” When I got back I took in groceries and went about my business. Later I thought about the cans and went to the door and they were gone. At first I thought someone stole them, and then who would want them. I looked to see where I keep them and sure enough they were put away. Hence a new fairy has come to town.  

As my life continues with such wonderful people coming into my life I will always hope for more fairies to come along. I hope I always leave a good feeling with them so they enjoy helping lots of people. We all need to be aware of older people that need a little bit of help in their elder years.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Friend J.J.

How do I start to tell you about JJ? My little neighbor next door is 6 yrs old and a little toe head with a sweet personality. He likes to visit me when I am outside in the flowers or just sitting on my porch. Here he comes. “ Hi Miss Jeanne, what ya doin?” “Can I help you with something?”  My little helper.
 One afternoon in late summer, He decided to help me with my flowers. What a fun time we had. He also wanted to come in my house and see my cats, so we did. For a short time we went in and he got to pet the Kitty’s. As we were leaving he spotted 2 apples on the table and was eyeing them. “Hey JJ do you like apples?” and of course he was all for it. We got our apples and went outside to sit on the bench and eat them. Shortly after that, his Mom Vicki came looking for him. She walked right past us and then spotted us sitting on the bench eating our apples. She said she was looking for JJ and couldn’t find him. The wonderful thing was once she saw we were enjoying each others company she said. “ Well, I will go home now and you guys carry on.” Vicki is a great neighbor and we would usually chat for a while but this time was different. She could tell this was a special time for me and JJ and said “carry on”
I have a feeling younger children like to venture toward older people just because they have a curiosity about who they are. One of the most important things to do with the young ones is to listen. When you listen long enough you can then teach and also learn from them. It doesn’t matter what the subject is just learn something. We have lived so much longer and have so many things to laugh about and wonder why we didn’t think of it sooner. Whatever happens between the two of us is good for my soul and hope he learns something as we grow together. Life is fun so I think I will just live it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


What on earth is a scam? It is a way of lying to everyone and getting money for nothing and then taking more money they don’t have coming or is not owed to them. I was watching an ad about a local woman that had discovered a great new way to whiten teeth. Wow this sounded so convincing and you could get a free sample for only $4.99. Sure sounded like a great chance to try this out so yep you guessed it, I fell for it. Called them up and quickly ordered the free trial. I got it in the mail and didn’t get to try it right away. I actually put it in the drawer in the bathroom and forgot about it. In about 2 weeks my bank account was hit for $85.00. Could not for the life of me figure out what the charge was for. Before I knew it I had three charges for $85.00. I called the numbers I had and they were no longer in service. Finally got on the net and found a new number. When I talked to the rep I was asked, “didn’t you read the fine print?” and I said” where was that at?” Her answer was: It scrolled on the screen. Now how can you read fine print scrolling on a t.V. screen? I told them I wanted my money back and they said too bad.
Now my next move was to go to my bank and have a talk with them about stopping any more charges on my account. We all think banks won’t help, well let me tell you Citizens bank is the best. I told my manager the story and she immediately replaced all the money that was taken from me. I got a letter in the mail in about a month that informed me the bank had accused the company of fraud and gotten all the money back.
We all need to be aware of the many people that are willing to help us with these scams that bombard us each and every day. Always tell everyone you know about anyone or any corporation that is scamming you. We need to stick together and let the truth out.
Thanks for listening  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never forget how to play.

I had a dream many years ago to always keep track of my life and how fun it is to live it. What happens when we lose track of day by day silly happenings and forget to laugh and play is a mystery. Playing is fun. Let’s make sure we have lots of time to play. When was the last time you went down a slide or rode a merry go round or played on a teeter tauter? Do we have these toys now or are they dangerous? ( so many new rules it takes the fun out of fun things) I think a few years ago I read all the fun toys were being removed and replaced with less fun things because of fear of injury. When we were young and playing in the park, the worst thing that happened was a skinned knee or a little bump. What fun it was. Hand over hand on the monkey bars was so hard, but once you got the hang of it you got very strong and oh so proud you could get to the other end.   
Now we have water parks and lots of exciting things to do I guess, but lots of money to spend on all of it. I prefer  to just walk to the park and play on the fun things. One fun thing is to just watch the kids and the people in the park. It’s fun to make up stories about what you are watching too. Maybe I will write about the stories next time.
I may have to take a walk and see what I can see.
Thanks for listening.